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as GREEK as it gets is the place where great cooking and fantastic vibes meet. Our food is nutritious, delicious, and we welcome diners young and old. Try it yourself—book your table or stop by today!



Proud to Serve You

Our new revised menu has wonderful mouth-watering dishes, created with Greek ingredients, seasonal vegetables, and fresh herbs. Kleftiko, Pepper crusted fillet, vegetarian dishes, Calamari, Kingklip mix, and our signature Chicken Bourekia dish, just to name a few of the dishes that have been part of 'As Greek' and Stavros legacy for over 24 years. Kiddies & Pups are a big part of the new owner's soul and because of that, the new menu has a few additions to those areas.

Health & Safety

Fresh & Clean

Your safety is our priority. Not only do we clean our Kitchen and restaurant every morning and evening but our whole establishment also goes through a rigorous cleaning process every Monday where the entire Kitchen(fridges included) is unpacked and stripped, sanitized and put back together again! Did we mention, the restaurant is also regularly fogged with Food Grade sanitizer. Its also why our clients regularly comment that our food just tastes 'cleaner'! 

Our Menu

Get Your Greek On

As GREEK as it gets has great food, a good wine list, and an even better dessert menu. Its ebullient, good-hearted ambiance leaves a diner feeling that all is well with the world. And who doesn't need that?
As GREEK as it Gets: Greenlyn Village, corner Thomas Edison, and 13th street, Menlo Park, Pretoria; 084 455 5588; info@asgreekasitgetspretoria.co.za


New Cocktails


Mouth Watering Dishes




Greenlyn Village Centre
Corner Thomas Edison & 13th Avenue Menlo Park, Pretoria

084 455 5588

Opening Hours



Open Tuesday to Friday 11H30 to 21H45

Saturday 11h00 to 21h45 

Sunday 11h00 to 15h30

Please note;

21st & 22nd December 16H00 - 21H45

25th December 11H00 - 15H30

26th December to 6th January - Closed

Full Menu applicable to sit down only - Partial Menu available to Take-Away



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