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Dear Guest,


It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that we extend our heartfelt gratitude to you for considering our restaurant as the venue for your upcoming event. Choosing the perfect venue is a pivotal decision, one that sets the tone for the entire occasion, and we are honoured to be among your top choices.


At As Greek As It Gets Pretoria, we understand the significance of every event, be it a celebration, a milestone, or a corporate gathering. Our commitment to providing an exceptional and memorable experience is unwavering. As you embark on planning this special occasion, we want you to know that our dedicated team is here to collaborate with you, ensuring that your vision is brought to life seamlessly.


What sets our restaurant apart is not just our exquisite cuisine and a carefully crafted menu, but also the warm and inviting ambiance that creates the perfect backdrop for any celebration. Our professional staff is dedicated to delivering impeccable service, paying attention to every detail to guarantee that your event exceeds expectations.


We do ask however that for us to ensure as much as we can the successful execution of your event you familiarise yourself and take into consideration our terms and conditions with regards to eventing with us.

Restaurant Operations

  • Please note the following operating times:

    • Kitchen                                :              Opens 11H00 – Closes 21H30

    • Bar                                      :              Opens 11H00 – Closes 22H00*

    • Restaurant Operations        :              Opens 11H00 – Closes 23H00**

*Last round called 21H30

**Due to staff transportation restraints, all guests are requested to vacate the restaurant between 22H30 and 23H00 the latest to allow for restaurant staff to make their way home.

  • Please note that the bar is a service bar and not a cash bar. Bar staff are under strict instruction not to take/receive orders from any guests. All orders are to be channelled through the respective waiters.

  • Any booking, event or group that consists of 20 PAX or more will be subject to a Set Menu offering. Please consult with our event planner in this regard.

Groups & Events

  • Any booking that requires a change in general day to day restaurant operations will require a buy-out of the restaurant. Please consult with our event planner in this regard.

  • Any booking whereby the amount of PAX is equal to or exceeds the below amounts, an automatic buy-out shall apply. In the case of,

    • Internal Group or Event = 60 PAX or more to a maximum allowable capacity of 80 PAX

    • External Group or Event = 30 PAX or more to a maximum allowable capacity of 50 PAX

  • Any booking whereby the amount of PAX is equal to or less than the below amount a buy-out will not be required,

    • Internal Group or Event = 59 PAX or less

    • External Group or Event = 29 PAX or less

however and in this instance, this will be subject to the following terms and conditions being applied, namely that,

  • the table capacity shall not exceed 8 PAX per table and

  • only table decorations are permitted subject to the provisions contained within the General Terms & Conditions as stated below under ‘General’.

  • Floor and/or free-standing decorations or displays will be permitted provided such arrangements were the subject of discussions and ultimately approved by our event planner and provided that such preapproved displays

    • do not impede restaurant operations,

    • do not conflict with health and safety protocols and

    • do not cause discomfort in any way to other restaurant patrons not part of the event.

  • If required, only one cake and or gift table at the manager's discretion will be allocated as extra table/s.

  • In cases where a smaller group or event, namely an

    • Internal Group or Event = less than 60 PAX, or

    • External Group or Event = less than 30 PAX,

wishes to buy out a specific area or the restaurant in its entirety, then the relevant buy-out fee as well as a revenue guarantee shall apply. Please consult with our event planner in this regard

Food and Drinks

  • No alcoholic beverages purchased off-premises will be allowed to be consumed on-premises.

  • No persons under the age of 18 years will be permitted to consume alcohol on the premises.

  • No food purchased off-premises or brought into the restaurant for which the intention is to supplement restaurant food will be allowed to be consumed on premises.

  • Please note that As Greek As It Gets Pretoria does not specifically cater for Halal guests, we do however offer a range of vegetarian dishes that can be prepared separately. Please consult with our event planner in this regard.

  • Subject to the choice of set menu chosen, a Cakeage fee shall apply. Please consult with our event planner in this regard.


  • Banking details are as per invoice, NO CASH DEPOSITS into the bank account are allowed.

  • Payments are to be submitted together with a signed copy of the Invoice either,

  • Please note that payment of deposits is an automatic acceptance of all the terms and conditions as stated herein without modification.

  • All remaining balances that are due as per invoice, must be settled by means of cash or credit card prior to commencement of the event – Accepted Cards are Visa, Master and American Express Cards only.

  • Where applicable, individual tabs will carry an automatic gratuity charge as per the percentage printed on current published menus.

  • Without exception, no post-event settlements will be allowed for.

Attrition and Cancellation

  • In the event of any items or services paid for and not utilised on the day, no refunds or redirection of payments towards other services will be granted or considered.

  • On the day guest overages will be charged for at the per/person rate displayed on the invoice and will be payable on the day.

  • In the event of guest underage’s taking place on the day, no refunds or redirection of payments towards other services will be granted or considered. In such an instance all food prepared for on the day including that of the underage’s will be distributed amongst guests present on the day without the burden of proof being required of the restaurant of such.

  • Should a client need to reschedule or cancel for whatever reason the following terms shall apply,

    • More than 10 Days prior to the event – 100% Refund

    • Between 10 to 3 Days Prior to the event – No refund however the restaurant will allow for a rescheduling of the event subject to a mutually agreed date and time, based on

      • the rescheduling happening within 45 days of the original event,

      • and the same day of the week/weekend being sought as was the original event.

    • Less than 3 Days – Full forfeiture of FUNCTION DEPOSIT.

  • Should the restaurant need to cancel for whatever reason, 100% refund of all monies paid within 10 business days of the notice of cancellation from the restaurant.


  • Requests, and proposals are NOT confirmation of event space being held or reserved.

  • Only once an Invoice is generated will event space be held whereupon payment as per the ‘DUE’ date on the invoice is to be met failing which the event space will be released back into the system.

  • Please note that all groups and events are subject to a Damage Deposit being be charged for. The DAMAGE DEPOSIT is a separate charge to that of the FUNCTION DEPOSIT and is payable together with the FUNCTION DEPOSIT to reserve your event space.

  • Subject to no deductions being required, DAMAGE DEPOSITS are typically refunded within 10 business days after an event having taken place.

  • Candles are NOT permitted at the venue without the express written permission of management. Any damage caused by the subsequent use of candles will be charged for against the DAMAGE DEPOSIT on an item-by-item basis, the costs for which will be at venue’s supplier replacement costs and free of any negotiated discount amounts.

  • NO CONFETTI OR SIMILAR PRODUCTS AS WELL AS ANY GLITTER MAY BE USED AT THE VENUE. Use of these items by the client or their guests WILL result in the automatic and FULL FORFEITURE of the total damage deposit paid.

  • Client is ultimately responsible for the behaviour of their guests as well as any unpaid bills of their guests.

  • No financial compensation will be given in the event of a client or guests being asked to leave due to their unruly behaviour.

  • Should the client wish to add amenities to the bill on the day of the event, I.E. a BAR tab, this is to be paid for in advance by means of cash or credit card payment.

  • Please note that for your event to run smoothly, we require a single point of contact through which all event related matters are to be discussed and agreed upon. No instructions will be taken from any person/s except the single point of contact who will be identified at the beginning of the event. It is the responsibility of the organiser to ensure all guest are made aware of this.

  • Any items left behind by the client, guests, or their appointed subcontractors are done so at their own risk. As Greek As It Gets Pretoria, its owners, management or staff accept no responsibility nor liability for any items belonging to the client, their guests, or their appointed subcontractors being lost, stolen, or damaged due to any reason whatsoever.

  • Use of the restaurant and its facilities remains at own risk.

  • As Greek As It Gets Pretoria Pty LTD RIGHT OF ADMISSION REMAINS RESERVED at all times.


Choosing As Greek As It Gets Pretoria as your event venue is not just about hosting an event; it's about creating cherished memories that will last a lifetime. We invite you to entrust us with the responsibility of making your special day extraordinary, and we are committed to going above and beyond to ensure your event is a resounding success.


Again, we as the owners of As Greek As It Gets Pretoria thank you for considering us for this significant occasion.

We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to serve you and contribute to the success of your event.



The Owners

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